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Does drinking more water help you loose weight?

It is a fact that your body gives off the same cues whether it is thirsty or hungry. So when you feel hungry if you first drink a tall glass of water and wait to see if you are satisfied, you may be and therefore don’t need that snack you thought you needed. You can definitely save yourself some calories throughout the day by doing this and as a bonus keep yourself very hydrated. Click here for more information on pH balance and weight loss.


Citrus fruit is acidic. How can it be good for me if my body needs to be alkaline?

Even though these fruits are acidic by nature they all produce what is called an "alkaline ash" once digested and metabolized by the body. So basically these fruits will turn alkaline once digested by the body.


An alkaline diet is so hard to maintain. It does work if followed carefully . . .

An alkaline diet is so hard to maintain. It does work if followed carefully but seemed very time consuming and hard to keep up. Is there another way to maintain my body’s pH balance that is not so hard?

Alkaline diets work for some and not for others. There are a couple of options for you that do not require eating a strict alkaline diet. One is to drink plenty of alkaline mineralized water. This will help balance out your pH to a more alkaline state. Here are a few ways you can turn your water into alkaline mineralized water:

  1. Purchase a water machine, which will alkalize your water as well as filter it. You can click here for more information on this.
  2. Purchase some alkaline water drops. You will need to have filtered water to add these to, but this will also alkalize your drinking water. You can click here for more information on alkaline drops.


Is it true that having an acidic body can cause inflammation?

Absolutely!! Being in an acidic state, which is know as acidosis, is one of the main causes of inflammation and inflammation causes all kinds of health problems from joint pain to heart disease. As a matter of fact acidosis is a worldwide epidemic and maintaining a proper alkaline state for our bodies is the only cure. Click here to find out more about acidosis.


I have heard that being alkaline can help you loose weight, is this true? How?

Yes, this is very true. Click here to read an article on pH balance and weight loss to find out more.