11 Benefits of Drinking Water

Are You Missing Out on Some Amazing Facts? Here’s 11 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Water

Benefits of Drinking Water

The human body is composed of more than 50% water, which is mainly found inside our cells.  It is an integral part of our life that we cannot do without.  The benefits of drinking water are many and they play a big part in our overall well being.  Here are some of the amazing and surprising benefits of drinking water.

  1. Proper water intake allows for better nutrient absorption and good digestion.  We need to drink clean water in order to process nutritional value out of the food we consume.  Considering just how quickly sugar and carbs are taken in, even just a bit of dehydration can cause us to take calories without any nutrition.
  2. Water helps us in maintaining regular bowel function.  Sufficient hydration helps keep things flowing from our gastrointestinal tract and helps prevent constipation.
  3. Water can significantly keep us looking young by keeping our skin hydrated.  Time and again, doctors advise us to drink lots of water every day.  Water makes our skin plump as well as improves our complexion.  It can delay the aging process, making our skin feel soft, supple, and moist.
  4. Among the most important benefits of drinking water is detoxification.  We are exposed to toxins and harmful chemicals all around us and the only way to flush them out is by drinking lots of water. The more we drink water, the more we let our body purify itself.
  5. Losing weight naturally can be done by increasing intake of healthy and pure water.  Our liver expends water to process fat and turns it into usable energy. Studies reveal that over 80% of the population experience energy loss because of minor dehydration.
  6. Studies show that mild dehydration can affect our moods and energy level.  It can trigger feelings of confusion, depression, and anger.  A 5% drop in water intake can cause a 25% to 30% energy loss in an average person while a 15% drop in bodily fluids could cause death.
  7. Drinking water can help you lose weight.  A lot of research reveals that a person who drinks 2 eight ounce glass of water before eating breakfast, lunch and dinner eats 75 to 90 less calories during the following meal.
  8. Did you know a hunger signal is the same as a thirst signal? It’s true. The feeling your body gets when it needs a fresh glass of water can be mistaken for feeling hungry and wanting a snack.  What to do about it?  When you are feeling hungry, have a tall glass of water first and wait to see if you are feeling satisfied. If you still feel hungry, then indeed it was hunger your body was signaling.  But plenty of times water will do the trick and not only will you feel better you’ll save yourself all those calories.
  9. A natural healer, water helps in the continuous regeneration of hair, bones, nails, skin, damaged nerves, and other bodily functions, which are reliant on the healthy absorption of pure water.
  10. Our body temperature is sustained by drinking water as well as being regulated through body sweat. When we sweat it cools our body but it also uses up water.  In order to replenish our supply we must drink sufficient amounts of water to replace the lost water from sweating.
  11. Our nerve cells transmit messages back and forth to the brain and in order to do this properly they use electrolytes.  In order to maintain electrolytes at the right level we need to drink water so that the nerves can function effectively.

The benefits of drinking water are many.  The best way to have a healthy body is to take these benefits into consideration and drink lots of fresh water.  Let’s face it, we need water whether we like it or not!