pH Balance and Anti Aging

Stopping oxidation in our bodies with an alkaline diet using antioxidants such as alkalized water and foods are vital to maintain proper pH!

pH Balance and Anti Aging

Within each and every one of us there is a critical level known as pH. The pH level indicates whether we are on a more acid side or a more alkaline side. By the sound of the word, acid doesn’t seem like the way we want the pH in our bodies to shift. When you think of acid you think of something that can burn and eat away things. This is true in our bodies as well and a more acidic pH can lead to the oxidation of our tissues. What’s worse is that it can open us up for all sorts of diseases including the word no one wants to ever hear; cancer. We are now beginning to realize that antioxidants are the best thing in the world to help our bodies fight this oxidation and sources such as alkaline antioxidant water and foods are beginning to show their strengths. Alkalized water and foods are a sure fast way to help our bodies get to the desired pH level and thus live a healthy, disease free life.

What is oxidation? When metal or steel becomes oxidized it begins to rust and rot away. This is due to a lack of oxygen. The same holds true for our bodies. When our blood pH is on a more acidic side, we are depriving ourselves of oxygen. This oxygen deprivation will cause the tissues in our bodies to begin to “rust and rot” away. While taking antioxidants in supplement form surely helps in the process of transforming the blood pH to a more alkaline state, there is an easier way by simply consuming an alkaline antioxidant diet.

Alkalized water and foods are a sure way to get the needed but difficult shift of the blood’s pH to a more alkaline state. Once there the body is better able to defend itself from outside free radicals but is also able to repair itself as well.

Take a cancer cell for example. Though many don’t know, a cancer cell can be repaired and returned to its normal function. How? By feeding the cancer cell oxygen, it can actually be repaired. This type of miracle will only occur in a body that has plenty of antioxidants coursing through it. But to supply this steady source, we must begin to ingest an alkalized diet.

An alkaline antioxidant diet changes everything physiologically. When the blood pH is more alkaline, it allows the enzymes to work the way nature intended them to. When our bodies are working at peak levels and there is a steady supply of oxygen for your tissues, we not only feel better as a result, but we stop the dreaded process of oxidation dead in its tracks.

We are only now beginning to scratch the surface and discover the vast benefits of an alkaline antioxidant diet. An alkalized diet does more than just supply us with the needed oxygen so that we can avoid oxidation but many other benefits are being discovered when we shift our pH to an alkaline level. Some of the more welcomed side effects that are seen when consuming an alkalized diet are things such as increase weight loss, an increase in energy, a vanishing of pain and an overall sense of well being. It is truly not a question of whether or not you should be consuming an alkaline antioxidant diet, but rather when can you start?